Obalon (Weight Loss Pill) for Weight Reduction

Obalon Balloon

Obalon Balloon System

The Obalon Balloon System is a non-surgical weight loss method that uses swallowable balloons combined with a medically-supervised diet and exercise programme to help obese individuals lose excess body fat. The balloons make you feel full and limit your food intake.

Indications for Obalon

Obalon balloon system is indicated for obese individuals (BMI 30 to 40 kg/m2) who have trouble losing weight by diet modification and exercise. Untreated obesity may cause disorders such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, bone and joint disease, and other conditions.

Preparing for Obalon

Your Obalon-trained physician will discuss your medical history, examine your current health condition and may order a few blood tests. Your diet and exercise program will be discussed by your dietician.

Obalon Procedure

The procedure involves the following steps:

  • You will swallow a capsule with a deflated balloon inside that is attached to a microcatheter.
  • Ultrasound is used to confirm the presence of the capsule in your stomach.
  • After the capsule dissolves, the balloon is inflated with gas.
  • The microcatheter is smoothly and quickly removed by your physician.

The entire procedure can be completed within 10 minutes and a total of 3 balloons are placed over a period of 6 months.

After the Procedure

You are advised to take acid-blocking medications by your physician and follow a diet and exercise programme as provided.

Removal of Balloons

The procedure to remove the balloons after 6 months involves the following steps:

  • Light sedation is used to make you feel relaxed.
  • An endoscope (a thin tube attached with a camera) is inserted into your mouth and guided towards the stomach.
  • The balloons are deflated and removed using special surgical instruments.

Complications of Obalon

Serious complications are rare. You may feel nausea and mild abdominal pain which will be resolved within a few weeks.

Contraindications of Obalon

Obalon is not recommended if you:

  • Have previously undergone bariatric surgery
  • Have gastrointestinal problems
  • Are younger than 22 years
  • Are pregnant or breast-feeding

Advantages of Obalon

The advantages of Obalon include:

  • No surgery required
  • Swallowable
  • Fully reversible method
  • FDA approved
  • No anaesthesia required

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